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  • Do I need a fishing license ?
    No. Our charter captains license covers all the clients on board.
  • Do I need to bring my own fishing gear ?
    We provide all fishing tackle, rods, baits, terminal tackle to make your day on the water as easy as possible. However, if you have that one lucky rod or bait that you cant fish without, please feel free to bring it with you.
  • What do I need for a scallop trip?
    We provide most everything to make your scallop trip a success. We have masks, snorkles, fins, bags and nets on board during scallop season. If you are like us and have that mask that fits you just right, please feel free to bring it along.
  • Do I need to bring drinks?
    Yes. we have a large cooler on board for all your drinks and food. We do always have bottled water on board but encourage you to bring your favorite drinks.
  • Can I bring alcoholic beverages?
    Yes. Beer and wine is absolutely acceptable.
  • I have my medical card, can I bring marijuana on board?
    Unfortunately no. We are federally licensed through the U.S. Coast Guard. Even though it is legal in the state, it puts our captains in a bad position and can not have marijuana on board until it is federally legalized.
  • Is there a set time the boat leaves the dock?
    No. We try to schedule our trips so you can optimize your time on the water. Departure times vary due to tides and feeding patterns through out the year. We want you on the fish through out the trip and try to achieve that by knowing when the fish are feeding best. Please let the person know you are booking with if you have a desired time in mind and we will certainly accommodate that.
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