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Big Red is chewing!

The big reds are on the move this month! With the water temps rising rapidly now is the time to start slowing your presentation and finding the cooler water. On the beginning of the outgoing tide the mouths of the creeks are going to be the place to be as the fish will start moving out. As the tide continues to fall get out on the deeper flats and reefs and start following the bait and birds. The monster in the picture was caught out on the reef using a pinfish head. Cut mullet should serve you just as good.

On the incoming tides find the fast moving water along the shaded mangroves and you are sure to find them. My go to is a shrimp under a popping cork drifted with the current along the mangrove shorelines.

The Snook are just as plentiful as ever anywhere you find the reds and at times are making it almost difficult to catch redfish. We are catching the Snook on all your typical moving baits as well as cut bait.

The inshore Grouper bite is slow as it usual this time of year. The fish are there, as seen from some of the spearfishing trips that are coming in, but seem to have lock jaw during the heat of the day. We may do a couple night time Grouper runs in the near future just to see what the bite is like.

Until next week, stay hydrated!

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