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Trick or Treat - Gag or Nah

Captain Jacob dove in head first this fall with shallow water grouper on charter trips. It’s always been highly requested but as we were just getting started, we were hesitant to promote it, especially because Jacob had felt that last year was hit or miss with slot gags. This year, we convinced Jacob to take our monthly client out and give it a shot, so there was no pressure but he could see what he could do and that was it. Since then, we’ve been accepting grouper requests and been giving our customers the best of both worlds, inshore slam & gags. Capt. Jacob has had an incredible two months with non stop keepers filling the livewell with happy customers. He’s been telling the locals at the marina to find your favorite rockpile and feed em live bait, they are hungry this season. With these cold front transitions, redfish haven’t been as hot as they usually are but nevertheless, we will be back next month with another report.

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