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If we had a dollar for every time our customers under 14 said “This is so much fun”, we could take every one of you scalloping on us!

The Garcia Family brought home about thirty scallops but their boys learned with their own eyes: The damage littering does - as this was the clearest water they’ve ever seen, the positive of F.W.C. fishing limits - as the red tide has ruined their fishery back home, and they'll never throw empty scallop shells in the water because that’d take away their favorite part of the trip - snorkeling alongside the fish who live in our sea grass.

It’s not about limiting out folks but about the smiles, quality family time, and eco-system education. Our most frequently asked questions are about age limits and our answer is loud and clear, BRING US YOUR KIDS! Not only is a trip with us safe and fun for children, but the education on our natural science and memories are priceless!

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